Modernized dhotis for the younger generation

In the early days dhotis were available in very basic colours. They were usually plain and were made of a single raw material. But later on, when people wanted to wear these for many different occasions that were special they started adding components into the attire. They started adding borders a dhoti in white colour. The most common style of a dhoti is to have a golden border in a plain white fabric. Younger generation are very choosy when it comes to clothing and they want a number of choices for any product they have to purchase. This followed dhoti too. So the manufacturers of this attire had to go an extra mile to make this even more presentable especially to the youngsters. Nowadays, dhotis are available in many colours. The border on the dhotis are highlighted with many different variations and this has started to become very popular even among the adults who were used to a rather plain dhoti. Matching shirts and dhotis are sold specially on festive seasons and a large group of people like buying this combo as they look colourful and elegant at the same time. Another major invention is the availability of pocket dhoti online.