Marriage Registration Fee

The marriage registration is a mandatory procedure of all people because of the Parliament rule of India. So, the marrying couple should register their marriage rightfully also for their personal benefits. The registration is done depend on the parties religious under the marriage act – Hindu Marriage Act and Special Marriage Act. Based on the religions and state, the marriage registration, certificate, marriage registration fee, and procedures can be differing.
The parties, who are registering their marriage before or after the ceremony, should apply for registration by online or in the register office. The application form is required during the registration and submits it along with proof documents of both husband and wife. With three witnesses during the marriage registration, they should register and end up with those witnesses’ signature. After few days of the registration, the registrar notifies to collect the marriage certificate for their further use.
While the parties are applying for marriage registration, they could be charged for the application fee as Rs. 100 /- to get the certificate and solemnization fee as Rs. 150/- for marriage registration fee. It can be varied for different act & laws, also vary from state to state