Korinplex Plywood – A Standard Brand of Film Faced Plywood

KORINPLEX – a film faced plywood which is one of the standard brands in plywoods. Korinplex is a hardwood, manufactured as waterproof plywood like marine plywood. It has the number of layers as other plywoods with phenol or melamine coating on either or both sides of the plywood to give moisture resistant and waterproof based on the plies coating. And also prevent from fungal attack, abrasion and chemical degradation than normal plywoods. These plywoods are manufactured in Indonesia, Malaysia, and China in the color of black film and brown film faced colored plywoods. The thickness of the plywood is 12 mm to 30 mm. It can withstand the high temperature and light than other normal plywoods.
Korinplex is mostly used in construction, concrete shuttering, exterior work and interior use in marine, making transport equipment in the vehicle industry, furniture making and more. Korinplex film faced plywood is differentiated in two types as birch and poplar film faced plywoods. Birch film faced plywood is moisture resistant, multiuse ability, and easy to cut and handle where Poplar film faced plywood is lighter and soft material than birch plywood. In fact, the film faced surface is hygienic that is highly resistant to detergent which is used for food products storage and farming constructions.